Rules 9 International Competition Soloist Habaneras 2021





JULY 19th, 2021


1. OBJECT.   Soloist singers contest, accompanied by piano singing habaneras.


2.1.The maximum expenditure will be  charged to the 2021 budget.


3.1. They may request participation national and international singers who so wish, both male as female.

3.2. The Municipal Organization of the International Contest of Habaneras and polyphony, select the number of singers participants, according to the recordings (of last year), curriculum and merits accredited for each of him.

3.3. Singers, communicated once your admission by the technical department shall, within a maximum period of 20 days, deposit amounting to 60 euros.

3.4. The contest will take place in a final phase.

3.5. Each contestant may carry their own pianist accompanist. In the case of failure to do so, the Organization a pianist will make available passenger, which can be a trial prior to the performance in the semifinal and another trial for the final.


4.1. In the final phase, is will perform three works by memory:

a)Two habaneras free choice with text in Spanish, with piano accompaniment, which must adapt to the musical form of the habanera: 2 x 4, black 60 value compass, characteristic rhythm and binary structure. In order to avoid duplication, the Organization should submit three or more titles, with the order of preference. You can not use any other type of accompaniment, or sing a capella. 

b) A romanza of zarzuela (in the original hue), with piano accompaniment. In order to avoid duplication, the Organization should submit three or more titles, with the order of preference. You can not use any other type of accompaniment, or sing a capella.

4.3. With the aim of avoiding repetitions, the Organization should submit four or more titles of habaneras and also Roman of zarzuela, with the order of preference. You can not use any other type of accompaniment, or sing a capella.

4.4. Works must be interpreted in the tune that appears in the score sent by the participant, being cause of disqualification does not comply with this question.

4.5. The difficulty of the works will be valued.

4.6. The Musical Technical Committee, will select the works that singer will perform in their participation in competition during the semifinal, between the works that present the singer at the time of your registration, as well as will be communicated other habanera that interpret in case of reaching the finals.


5.1. The deadline for participation in the 8th competition International of HABANERA for soloists, is open until 31 March, 2021.

5.2. Interested singers sent the official registration form by filling in all sections and accompanied by the items listed in the annex, to the following address:

Patronato de Habaneras

Calle Patricio Pérez nº 1, 1ºC

CP. 03181 Torrevieja (España)

Also “on line” pre-registration can be done from our website:, mail original.

Likewise, through the Electronic Headquarters of the Municipal Board of the International Habaneras and Polyphony Contest (, by means of a general instance, stating their interest in being admitted to the International Habaneras Contest for Soloists and attaching the documentation outlined in the ANNEX section of these RULES.

Once confirmed your admission, the singer shall deposit the deposit of 60 Euro cash in the account of the Organization of the International Contest of Habaneras and polyphony, banking institution, Banco de Sabadell of Torrevieja IBAN: 0081 1461 1000 0100 4906 ES94. SWIFT: BSABESBB, and send a copy of the receipt of the deposit or payment.

This deposit will be returned to them once concluded the contest. This deposit will be not returned to participants who do not comply with the commitment to participation in the competition according to the conditions agreed with the Trustees.


Head of Secretary:

Miguel Albentosa Ruiz

Tel: +34.96.6707715


Artistic Comission:


  • Electronic headquarters :

5.3. Participation in contest program works will be performed in the following order: according to official program is displayed.

1.- Habanera free election.

2.- Habanera free election.

3.- Romanza free election.

5.4. All participating singers will be the day of the contest a test and test of sound on the stage of the contest, still the same 15 minutes.

5.5. Participants requiring of the piano accompanist provided by the Organization, will have the possibility of having a trial the same day of the performance.



6.1. The jury is made up of prestigious celebrities from the world of music. The “Organisers” will publish the names of the jury on the website of the Contest:

6.2. The jury’s decision will be final. The jury is free to leave any category void and without awarding a prize if it considers that the minimum standards have not been reached.

6.3. The jury shall individually evaluate each performance according to a points system. The contestants are entitled to request a copy of their final score sheet from the “Organisers”.

6.4. The prize are:

-1º Prize…………………………………………………2.000 € y Diploma

– “The Public Award”………………………1.000 € y Diploma



a) Participation in the 9th Competition international HABANERAS for soloist of TORREVIEJA means the acceptance of its rules.

b) The Organization will pay the amount of 0.19 Euros, in terms of mileage, to those participants, if the distance from their village of origin to Torrevieja is less than 250 km., because they do not need to spend the night in this locality.

c) Accommodation will be granted, with complete pension, on the day of its performance, only the singers, provided that the distance from their village of origin to Torrevieja, is between 250 Km and 500 Km. In addition, in terms of mileage, 0. 15Euros/ kilometer traveled.In case they are classified for the final phase will be two days with full board. 

d) The participants, whose locality is between 500 and 1,000 km. from Torrevieja, will be granted 2 days of accomodation and full board, and in addition, the amount of 0,15 euros per kilometer will be paid as mileage. According to the maximun distance of 1,000 km.

e) The Organization will give 2 days accommodation and full board, participants from Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and member countries and assimilated from the European Union and the Peninsular that extend more than 1,000 Km. Torrevieja. In addition, the maximum amount of 300 Euros for travel expenses will be paid as mileage, after justification of the cost of the trip from the place of origin.

f) It will be 2 days of accommodation and full board, participants located outside the European Union.

g) If the Organization decides to proceed with the realization of a musical Edition of the contest, for dissemination and promotion, the participants accept this Edition and it may not make any claim in this regard.

h) The amount of the prizes will be paid to their winners, once deducted taxes and deductions laid down in current legislation, by bank transfer, so it is essential to provide the maintenance of third-party card.

i) The Organization will resolve any issue that may arise in the interpretation of these rules.

j) The participants will take place in hotel establishments designated by the Organization of Trustees.

k) The Organization will take care of transportation from the airports of Alicante or Murcia of those participants coming from abroad, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla who attend the event by means of air transport, irrespective of the airport of arrival to the peninsula.

l) The Organization will not pay for the accommodation and Board for the piano accompanist.

m) Failure to comply with these conditions may make the exclusion in the contest.



Documentation to send at the moment of formalizing the inscription:

•Card of registration.

•Card maintenance of third party. updated

•Curriculum singer.

•nature current.

•Copy of the identity card or passport.

•Simultaneous recent (last year) audio and video.

•Scores of the 4 habaneras concert with piano accompaniment. (in the key in which it will be interpreted clearly legible)

•Download third-party Maintenance card.


• March 31, 2021: closing of the deadline for registration and submission of required documentation (enrollment, curriculum, photography, audio/video, scores of 4 habaneras concert with piano accompaniment).

• April 1, 2021: from this date the Organization will inform the selection of participants, as well as the works interpreted. In within 20 days to its communication, participants pay the bail of participation.

• May 15, 2021: confirmation of the order of performance of the works, not allowing modifications at a later date, and should be interpreted the order established by the program officer.

• May 31, 2021: requests for documents of type administrative and logistical , If there is any mistake or failure of scores submitted initially printing, must be comunicated before this date.