July 22 to 28, 2019

  1. OBJECT.

International coral song contest, in the participation of Habaneras and Polyphony.



2.1. The maximum expenditure will be 39,500.00 € charged to the 2019 budget.

2.2. The expense will be charged to the budgetary application 331-48901 of the 2019 Budget and is conditioned to the existence of adequate and sufficient credit at the time of the resolution of the concession.

2.3. A commitment document for future spending with number 2019.2.000004.000 has been




3.1. The International Choral Contest Habaneras and Polyphony – Torrevieja (Spain), is open to national and international choirs.

3.2. The “Organisers” (Patronato Municipal del Certamen Internacional de Habaneras y

Polifonía) shall establish the number of choirs that are to perform each day and the total number of contestants.

3.3. The admitted choirs are to pay a deposit of 600 euros within 20 days from the reception of the notification of admission from the “Organisers”.




4.1. All the selected choirs will compete in both the categories: habaneras and polyphony.

4.2. It shall be obligatory to perform a compulsory work designated by the “Organisers”. They Will be on the web of the Habaneras ( , from the publication of these rules.

4.3. Within the category of “habaneras”, two habaneras pieces shall be performed. The participating choir can choose these “free choice pieces”. (An archive of habanera’s scores is available to download at: All habaneras must be 2/4 time signatures and the quarter of note value to 60 approximately. In order to avoid repetition, participants should propose four titles to the “Organisers”, in order of preference.

4.4. All habaneras must be performed “a cappella”.

4.5. The “Organisers” is prepared to put its archive of habaneras to disposition of the choirs.

4.6. The works of polyphony to interpret, will be two elective participants, one of them being accompanied by instruments (contributed by participants), stating in the score, being excluded the piano and instruments that need electricity. The polyphonic works should be accompanied by the translation of the text in Spanish.

4.7. In this category (Polyphony), it will also be necessary to present four choral works of

which two will be of  folkloric character or region of origin of the originating country.

4.8. The difficulty of works of free election will be taken into account.

4.9. The Comision will choose 2 habaneras and 2 polyphonies that they will sing in the contest. The decision will be final.

4.10. The duration of free program of every participant, including both sections (2 free

habaneras and 2 polyphonic pieces), must not exceed of 20 minutes.

4.11. The jury will assess the choir to interpret the repertorie of memory.




5.1. The registration period for the 64th International Choral Contest of Habaneras and

Polyphony Torrevieja (Spain) closes on the 31st of January of 2019.

5.2. The choirs that wish to register shall send an official registration form filled with all the requested  information,  and  accompanied  by  the  required  documents  to  the  following address:

Patronato de Habaneras

Calle Patricio Pérez nº 1, 1ºC CP. 03181 Torrevieja (España)

The  registration  sheet  may  also  be  completed  through  Internet:, sending original documents by post.

Once  a  choir’s  participation  has  been  confirmed,  a  deposit  of  600  euros  will  be required. This deposit should be sent via bank transfer to:

Beneficiary: Patronato Municipal de de Habaneras de Torrevieja; Bank: Banco de Sabadell – Torrevieja

IBAN: ES94 0081 1461 1000 0100 4906. SWIFT: BSABESBBA

copy of the transfer shall be faxed to the number +34.965.712.570

The deposits will be returned to the choirs at the end of the festival, except to those that fail to fulfil their commitment to attend as agreed with the “Organisers”.

Subject to negotiation with the “Organisers” the requirement to pay the deposit could be waived in special circumstances.

Contact information:


Miguel Albentosa Ruiz / Phone: 00+34 966 707 715 / Email:


Music Technical Commission:




5.3. The works of the participation program will be interpreted in the order as it appears in the official program. The presentation in competition will be in the same performance evening, divided into two parts, according to the modality and separated by a break, according to the order established by the organization.




5.4. The stage and sound checks are to be carried out in the afternoon on the day of the performance. This should take approximately 25 minutes for each participating choir.


6.1. The jury is made up of prestigious celebrities from the world of music. The “Organisers”

will publish the names of the jury on the website of the Contest:

6.2. The jury’s decision will be final. The jury is free to leave any category void and without awarding a prize if it considers that the minimum standards have not been reached, as well as it may be declared “ex aequo” (shared) a prize if two choirs tie in their qualification.

6.3. The jury shall individually evaluate each performance according to a points system. The choir are entitled to request a copy of their final score sheet from the “Organisers”.

6.4. Prizes of the Habanera category:

  • First prize (“Ricardo Lafuente”): 12.000 euros and a trophy.
  • Second prize (“Francisco Vallejos”): 5.000 euros and a trophy.
  • Third prize: 2.500 euros and a trophy.

6.5. Prizes of the Polyphony category:

  • First prize(“Juan Aparicio”): 10.000 euros and a trophy.
  • Second prize(“César Cánovas”): 4.000 euros and a trophy.
  • Third prize: 2.000 euros and a trophy.

6.6. “José Hódar Talavera” prize for the best conductor: trophy and direction of the joint singing of the obligatory habanera.

6.7. “The Public Award”: 2.000 euros and trophy. This prize will be awarded to the choir that obtains the highest number of public votes.

6.8. National Prize, endowed with 2000 euros and trophy, that Spanish choir that reaches the maximum overall score.



  1. a) The contestants who  take  part  in  the  65th  INTERNATIONAL  CHORAL  CONTEST HABANERAS AND POLYPHONY TORREVIEJA do so under total acceptance of these present rules.
  2. b) The “Organisers” shall pay a travel allowance of 300 euros to those contestants whose hometown is situated less than 100 km from Torrevieja, and who therefore do not require overnight accommodation.
  3. c) The “Organisers” shall pay a travel allowance of 80 euros/km to those contestants whose hometown is situated between 100 and 200 km from Torrevieja, and who therefore do not require overnight accommodation.
  4. d) Full-board accommodation on the day of performance shall be granted only to those

contestants whose hometown is situated between 200 and 500 km from Torrevieja. The

“Organisers” shall also pay these contestants a travel allowance of 1,20 euro / km.

  1. e) Two nights accommodation with breakfast shall be provided to the contestants whose hometown is situated between 500 and 1,000 km from T In addition, the “Organisers” shall pay these contestants a travel compensation of 1,20 euro/ km, within the above-mentioned limits.
  2. f) The “Organisers” shall also provide a two nights full board accommodation to contestants

travelling from Canary Islands, The Balearic Islands, the regions of Ceuta and Melilla and Iberian  Peninsula,  whose  hometown  is  situated  over  1000  km.  from  Torrevieja.  In addition, a travel allowance of 1,20 euro per km. will be paid, up to a maximum distance of 1.000 km.

  1. g) The “Organisers” will provide between 2 and 6 days accommodation and meals, to the

singing members of the choirs located outside of Spain. No travel allowance will be paid. The “Organisers” will determine the days, depending on the distance of his native land to Torrevieja and on the conditions of trip. (Please, ask for information from the “Organisers”).

  1. h) The contestants hereby authorize the “Organisers” to make recordings of the musical

performances that take place during the festival and also to freely distribute these recordings. The contestants shall not present any claims whatsoever against such proceedings.

  1. i) The prize monies shall be paid to the contestants with deduction of the current legal fees,

retentions and taxes according to the law, by bank transfer, so it is essential to provide the maintenance card.

  1. j) Any discrepancy that may arise regarding the interpretation of the present rules must be solved by the “Organisers” (Patronato Municipal de Habaneras).
  2. k) The accommodation granted to the contestants consist of stays in hotels, that have been selected by the “Organisers” for this purpose, in rooms with 3 and 4 beds. A supplement will be required for rooms with 2 beds. The Board will accommodate up to 40 singers (including musical conductor) for each participating group. Payment for any additional persons should be made direct to the hotel.
  3. l) The Board will pay for the transport costs by bus only from Alicante or Murcia airports.

m)Non- fulfilment of these bases will can suppose the exclusion of a choir.

  1. n) The “Organisers” will request 3 dates of action of the inscribed choirs, to check that it has the artistic level demanded by the musical technical commission.
  2. o) The competition phase will be from July 24th to July 27th 2019, with the awards

ceremony being held on July 28th 2019.



Documents to send to do the inscription:

  • Present curriculum of the choir.
  • Maintenance card
  • Present curriculum of the conductor.
  • Recent audio / Video recording.
  • Scores of 4 habaneras.
  • Scores of 4 polyphonies (indicate duration of every work).
  • Translation of the polyphonies.
  • 3 dates of concerts.



  • 31st  of  January  of  2019:  time limit of inscription and sending of documents (inscription, curriculum choir and conductor, audio / Video recording, scores of 4 free habaneras and 4 free polyphonies.
  • 15 th of February of 2019: From this date the patronato eill tell the selection of participant choirs and free songs. In the period of 20 days from this comunication, choirs will must pay for the deposit of participation.
  • From 15 th to 21 th of May of 2019: confirmation of the order to interpretation of

free songs, without admitting modifications after. They must be song in establised order in the oficial programme.

  • 30 th of June of 2019: Any mmisprint on the sending scores must be comunicated before this date.
  • 30 th of June of 2019: demand notes of administrative and logistic type.